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Click to open document 11/09/2018 PETITION-AMENDMENT TO RULES (STAND JURY INSTR-CIVIL) PT Standard Jury Instructions In Civil Cases SJI BY: CH Laura K. Whitmore 818011 with Appendices A-E
11/13/2018 No Fee Required
Click to open document 11/13/2018 ACKNOWLEDGMENT LETTER-NEW CASE-RULES
Click to open document 11/15/2018 ORDER-NO REQ SCHED (MISC) The above case has been submitted to the Court without oral argument.
Click to open document 12/20/2018 DISP-AMENDED/ADOPTED FSC-OPINION: The instructions as set forth in the appendix shall become effective when this opinion becomes final. It is so ordered.
Click to open document 01/11/2019 PUBLISH FULL