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Click to open document 07/21/2022 PET-DISCIPLINARY REVOCATION WITH LEAVE SEEK READMISSION RS Thomas Edward Stone 212490 BY: RS Brant Lamar Hargrove 498874
07/22/2022 No Fee Required
Click to open document 07/22/2022 ACKNOWLEDGMENT LETTER-NEW CASE-FLBAR Supreme Court Of Florida BY: Supreme Court Of Florida
Click to open document 09/01/2022 RESPONSE PT The Florida Bar FB BY: PT Rose L. Garrison 105920
Click to open document 09/01/2022 MOTION-ASSESS COSTS PT The Florida Bar FB BY: PT Rose L. Garrison 105920
Click to open document 09/29/2022 DISP-DISCIPLINARY REVOCATION GRANTED The uncontested petition for disciplinary revocation, as provided by Rule 3-7.12, Rules Regulating the Florida Bar, with leave to seek readmission after five years, is granted subject to the continuing jurisdiction of this Court. See Florida Bar v. Ross, 732 So. 2d 1037, 1040-42 (Fla. 1998). Disciplinary revocation is tantamount to disbarment. Florida Bar v. Hale, 762 So. 2d 515 (Fla. 2000). The disciplinary revocation shall be effective thirty days from the date of this order, so that petitioner can close out his practice and protect the interests of existing clients. If petitioner notifies this Court in writing that he is no longer practicing and does not need the thirty days to protect existing clients, this Court will enter an order making the revocation effective immediately. Petitioner shall fully comply with Rule Regulating the Florida Bar 3-5.1(h). Petitioner shall also fully comply with Rule Regulating the Florida Bar 3-6.1, if applicable. In addition, petitioner shall accept no new business from the date this order is filed until he is readmitted. Judgment is entered for The Florida Bar, 651 East Jefferson Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2300, for recovery of costs from Thomas Edward Stone in the amount of $2,330.75, for which sum let execution issue. Not final until time expires to file motion for rehearing, and if filed, determined. The filing of a motion for rehearing shall not alter the effective date of this revocation. As with disbarment, in seeking readmission to The Florida Bar, petitioner "may be admitted again only upon full compliance with the rules and regulations governing admission to the bar." R. Regulating Fla. Bar 3-7.10(n).