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Click to open document 07/15/2019 REQUEST-ADVISORY OPINION (ATTY GEN) PT Advisory Opinion To The Attorney General BY: PT Ashley Moody 487198
07/15/2019 No Fee Required
Click to open document 07/15/2019 ACKNOWLEDGMENT LETTER-NEW CASE Supreme Court Florida FSC BY: Supreme Court Florida FSC
Click to open document 09/11/2019 ORDER-OA&BRIEF SCHED (AG ADVISORY OPIN) The above cases are hereby consolidated, on the Court's own motion, for all purposes. From this date forward, all documents pertaining to the above consolidated cases should be filed electronically through the Florida Court's EFiling Portal using case number SC19-1165 only. Pursuant to the provisions of article IV, section 10, Florida Constitution, and section 16.061, Florida Statutes, the Attorney General of Florida has requested this Court's opinion as to whether the text of the proposed amendment titled "Citizenship Requirement to Vote in Florida Elections" complies with article XI, section 3, Florida Constitution, and whether the proposed ballot title and substance comply with section 101.161, Florida Statutes. Section 16.061, Florida Statutes, requires the Attorney General, within thirty days after receipt of the proposed amendment or revision to the State Constitution by initiative petition, to petition this Court for an advisory opinion regarding compliance of the text of the proposed amendment with article XI, section 3, Florida Constitution, and compliance of the proposed ballot title and substance with section 101.161, Florida Statutes. The full text of the Attorney General's letter is attached hereto as an exhibit and made a part thereof. On August 23, 2019, the Financial Impact Estimating Conference, in accordance with the provisions of section 100.371(5)(a), Florida Statutes, forwarded to the Office of the Attorney General a financial impact statement on the initiative petition. Section 16.061(3), Florida Statutes, provides for this Honorable Court to review the financial impact statement to determine whether it is in accordance with section 100.371, Florida Statutes. IT IS, THEREFORE, the order of the Court that interested parties must file their responses on or before October 1, 2019 and serve a copy thereof on the Attorney General. Answer briefs must be filed on or before October 16, 2019. Replies must be filed on or before October 28, 2019. Briefs submitted will be available on the Court's public online docket at http://onlinedocketssc.flcourts.org/DocketResults/CaseByYear?CaseNumber=1165 &CaseYear=2019 The Court will make a final determination regarding OA at a later date. However, interested parties should be prepared for oral argument during the week of December 2-6, 2019. Parties will be notified approximately forty days prior to oral argument. Parties who have filed a response and have asked to be heard may, in the Court's discretion, be permitted to participate in oral argument.
Click to open document 10/01/2019 INITIAL BRIEF-MERITS PT Florida Citizen Voters BY: PT W. Bradley Russell 29492 Initial Brief of the Sponsor Florida Citizen Voters
Click to open document 10/21/2019 ORDER-NO REQ SCHED (MISC) The above cases have been submitted to the Court without oral argument.