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Doc. Date Docketed Description Filed by Notes
Click to open document 08/30/2019 NOTICE-DISCRETIONARY JURIS (CERT GPI) PT State Of Florida STATE1 BY: PT John Maciver 97334
08/30/2019 No Fee - Insolvent Insolvent Below
Click to open document 08/30/2019 ACKNOWLEDGMENT LETTER-NEW CASE Supreme Court Florida FSC BY: Supreme Court Florida FSC
Click to open document 09/04/2019 NOTICE-APPEARANCE RS Florigrown, Llc BY: RS Katherine E. Giddings 949396
Click to open document 09/10/2019 NOTICE-AMICUS CURIAE INTENT TO APPEAR MPI The Florida House Of Representatives BY: MPI Adam S. Tanenbaum 117498
Click to open document 10/16/2019 ORDER-JURIS ACCEPT/BRIEF SCHED (OA LATER DATE) The Court accepts jurisdiction of this case. Petitioner's initial brief on the merits must be served on or before November 5, 2019; respondent's answer brief on the merits must be served thirty days after service of petitioner's initial brief on the merits; and petitioner's reply brief on the merits must be served thirty days after service of respondent's answer brief on the merits. The Clerk of the First District Court of Appeal must file the record which must be properly indexed and paginated on or before December 16, 2019. The Clerk may provide the record in the format as currently maintained at the district court, either paper or electronic. As jurisdiction has been accepted in the above cause, any movant who wishes to follow through on a previously-filed Notice of Intent to Appear as Amicus or Amici Curiae must now proceed in compliance with Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.370. Oral argument will be set by separate order. Counsel for the parties will be notified of the oral argument date approximately sixty days prior to oral argument.
Click to open document 10/18/2019 MOTION-EXT OF TIME (INITIAL BRIEF-MERITS) PT Florida Department Of Health DOH BY: PT Amber Stoner Nunnally 109281 UNOPPOSED MOTION FOR EXTENSION OF TIME TO SERVE INITIAL BRIEF
Click to open document 10/18/2019 ORDER-EXT OF TIME GR (INITIAL BRIEF-MERITS) Petitioners' motion for extension of time is granted and petitioners are allowed to and including December 5, 2019, in which to serve the initial brief on the merits. Multiple extensions of time for the same filing are discouraged. Absent extenuating circumstances, subsequent requests may be denied. All other times will be extended accordingly.